31370 Railway Road, Unit 2
Ocean View, DE 19970


612 Juniper Court, Bethany West

Mr. Bruce Mears
Bruce Mears Designer Builder
Millville, DE 19970
Dear Bruce,
In the late summer of 2006 Gerry and I began to think about modifying our 30 year old house by adding about 400 sq. feet of space for larger bathrooms and bedrooms. In biking around Bethany Beach, I saw you signs on several properties and was taken by the "designer" word and approached you about our interests. Little did I expect at the time that our relationship would result in a much larger endeavor with the demolition of the old house and building a "new work of art." The decision to demolish the old house was absolutely correct. As you know, our son David remarked that at our age we were crazy to undertake the aggravation of a third new house. How wrong he proved to be! Simply stated, Bruce, the journey you took us on was one of the most enjoyable experiences of our life. It was great fun and we've got a house we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. This letter is to thank you and all your associates for the quality of your work and an amazingly open and cordial working relationship.
After the initial discomfort of moving from expansion to rebuilding, we really enjoyed the interaction with you on the design phase. You were extremely responsive, clearly understood our objectives and designed some great features which we could not have conceived. From that point on, everything proceeded amazingly rapidly and without problems - at least that we ever knew about. The courteous interchanges and responsiveness was much better than we could have hoped. The communication among you and your staff was phenomenal. I'm not aware of any piece having fallen through the crack. Bill was always attentive and responsive and Rob as superintendent was marvelous in every step of the building process. Even Dave volunteered to assist even though this wasn't his bag and Kim was always pleasant and helpful. And, of course, your group of carpenters were craftsmen. A special thanks must go to Forrest for his design and skill in the built-ins.
We must also commend you for the quality of the sub-contractors who were competent craftsmen and a great pleasure to work with: Don Newson at Cabinets Unlimited, H.K. and Theresa at Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper, Brice Butler at Bethany Plumbing and Mark West of West Master Electrician. What a great bunch of talented and friendly people!
The whole experience can be sum up by commenting that during the entire 7 months of our relationship, I can think of no problem, disagreement, or misunderstanding. That's really amazing! It was very enjoyable for us and the house is marvelous.
Gerry and Al Zuck