31370 Railway Road, Unit 2
Ocean View, DE 19970


" Bruce Mears Design/Builder did a great job building our new home in Bethany Beach. It was a pleasure to work with Bruce Mears and his team. Everyone had our best interests at heart from day one. They have always been very understanding and responsive from the design phase to construction to resolving a couple minor issues after we moved in. For our dream house at the beach, we started to work with an architect but decided to switch to Bruce because it was one stop shopping. He would have no one to blame but himself if something wasn't right. He personally designed the house at no cost and worked with us to value engineer the design and construction. This was critical to ensuring that we would receive the best possible value for the money spent. Since we moved in, Bruce and Rob who was our supervisor are always available to help, whether it is answering questions or meeting with a subcontractor to hook up the gas grill...always at no cost. Quality and satisfaction are certainly their main focus. We have built several homes and this is the first one that I did not worry about having to constantly check on the quality of the construction. As an engineer I sadly observe poor construction way too often. I was always pleasantly surprised when stopping by the construction site to see that everything looked properly constructed. We highly recommend using the Bruce Mears team. It's like they are part of our family. "

Alan and Karen K  - Bethany Beach

" Building a new house can be as exciting as it is challenging. Having done it twice in the past 15 years, having the right partner as your builder makes a huge difference. Bruce Mears is the right partner. Bruce made our second experience with building our dream home, a dream experience. He was our partner every step of the way.
Partner is the perfect word for Bruce. We truly felt he was invested in the success of the design, build and finished product. Having a partner who not only is involved in the design but also the construction eliminates a lot of the complexities normally encountered when trying to convert the idea to the design, to the engineering, to the actual build. With Bruce you get that all in one package.
From the first time we met Bruce, we knew we were meeting a special person. He was honest, straightforward, and we knew immediately he wanted to deliver what we wanted, and not fit an idea into a design he already had. We remember him saying very early on that he approached every project as a unique opportunity to create something new that he had never done before.
Bruce guided us through every step of the process. He listened to our ideas and what we wanted in our home and offered suggestions and solutions how to achieve them. As the project kicked off and work began, Bruce was often like a proud parent who could not wait to show off his work, eagerly awaiting our next visit to the site to review progress. He was invested in making sure he was delivering what he had promised and that we were completely satisfied.
Having gone through this once before, we can sincerely give Bruce our highest recommendation. He is a one stop shop from start to finish, insisting on high quality and expert craftmanship in everything thing on every phase, including state of the art materials, windows, doors, and a unique insulation system to ensure a year round, weather proof home.
Bruce's crew could not be more friendly and accommodating. Even though our home was completed several months ago, we still look forward to seeing and visiting with Bruce every time we are in town. He has made our house a second home and we consider him a part of the family.

Tom and Teresa Pacucci  - Bethany Beach

" My wife and I hired Bruce Mears Designer Builder to design and build our new ocean front home in North Bethany Beach, Delaware. Technically speaking, because of complex DNREC rules and regulations the project was a "gut renovation" of a house built in 1983. The before and after photos of the front and back facades of the house highlight the dramatic transformation. Because of Bruce's design expertise and building experience, we did not have to hire either an architect or a designer (thereby savings lots of time and money). Working with our design objectives and concepts, Bruce developed plans in a collaborative and efficient manner that helped us "value engineer" the finished product. We hired Bruce in May 2015, started construction in September 2015, and received our CO in July 2016. The contract was cost plus, the cost accounting was fully transparent and, happily, the final cost came in slightly below budget. Bruce and his team were super responsive to both my wife and me at all times. Since we lived in Florida during the construction communication was key. If he did not answer his phone when we called, he returned the call in a most timely manner. He was professional in every respect; there was never any drama. When he gave his word, he delivered. To wit, when we encountered a major post-construction problem with our siding that had sub-contractors and suppliers pointing fingers at each other, Bruce stepped in and stepped up to negotiate a resolution that was fair to all parties. He demonstrated admirable wisdom integrity in resolving a tricky situation. I recommend him without any qualification. "

Penn and Kathy Wyrough  - North Bethany

" Cheryl and I researched several builders in the Bethany Beach vicinity. We toured many homes and sought personal recommendations. Ultimately, Bruce was head and shoulders above the rest. He designed our home in careful communication with our desires, was accessible at all times throughout the process, and offered informed opinions and ideas well beyond the scope of our experience. He was personally invested in the outcome of our project and his staff, led by Rob Hudsher, shared his enthusiasm and commitment. Our home was completed within our timeframe and exceeded our expectations. I remember touring the early framing of the home and stepping on a squeaky floor panel. Bruce said would never sleep at night knowing of a squeak in the floor of one of his homes! I think he meant it! We would offer an unqualified recommendation for Bruce Mears as a design builder! "

Vince and Cheryl  - Fifth Street, Bethany Beach

Bethany Breeze

" The simple review of Bruce Mears is he is amazing.

When you pick a custom builder, you are putting your trust in them. There is so much you don't know when you start. What is so great about Bruce is that he is a Designer/Builder. I did not realize the significance of that statement when we first started working with him. However, the fact that a single person designs, prices, and builds your home is such a great benefit. No disconnects between an architect and builder. No disconnects between a sales person and the builder. Bruce is the single person that make sure the design meets your dreams and stays in your budget. I also believe that you can get so much more for your money when you work with a designer/builder. It is not about lowest price per square foot, it is about getting the home you want in the budget you have. The creativity Bruce uses as a designer to build you what you want is amazing.

Bruce's passion is unmatched. We have never had anyone do work for us in any capacity that cares more about what they do and the quality of their work than Bruce. He is a true perfectionist. He cares as much about our home as we do. His excitement to show us progress throughout the building process made it exciting and fun.

Bruce's team is equally amazing. Rob is the foreman and he is awesome. Another perfectionist that worries about every detail being done perfectly. Often we would not understand the level of quality until after we saw the finished product in person. We did our final walk through and it was hard to find even minor things that needed to be fixed. They did an incredible job.

Building a custom home is as scary as it is exhilarating. We could not imagine building our dream house without Bruce. He was amazing from start to finish and delivered everything we wanted while becoming a true friend.

I could not and have never recommended anyone more highly than I recommend Bruce Mears. He is the best and we are grateful he was available to build our family's new home. "

Mark Madigan  - Hollywood Street, Bethany

" We were so fortunate to be able to work with Bruce. He recently finished our home in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We always admired his houses from afar and when the time came to build our house we contacted him immediately. He is a brilliant designer/ builder. He handled the entire project from start to finish. He is ethical, honest and 100% attentive to our concerns and wishes. We spent little to no time overseeing this project we just arrived early May and moved in. The project was finished ahead of schedule ( weather was also on our side) but Bruce really had a team on site from day one of signing the contract. Again an absolute pleasure to work with such an incredible builder. He is honest down to the last penny... we feel so blessed and are very grateful to him for building us such a beautiful home for our family to share..... Neighbors also in awe.... and he was also very respectful of the neighbors... very important when tearing down and building a new house. Really can't sing his praises enough. Great guy... great team Real pleasure. "

Mary Carter Gross  - Evans Road, Sussex Shore, North Bethany

" We are absolutely thrilled and tremendously satisfied with the work of Bruce Mears and his team. They are most professional, reliable and punctual. The project exceded all our expectations and was completed ahead of schedule. Bruce and his project manager were and are always available for questions and kept us abreast along the way of any changes that were needed. The project was in line with the projected budget. We highly recommend Bruce Mears. His knowledge of our beach community and enthusiasm are infectious. "

Dr. Gil and Meagan Leitig  - Sandpiper Village, South Bethany

" My husband and I have worked with Bruce over the last two years on our wonderful beach house - from the painstaking design process through construction and finally completion. Bruce and his team are professionals - top to bottom. Working with two novices in the homebuilding business trying to imagine our dream house, Bruce patiently walked us through the process, explaining every step and design element. When we wanted to do something a little differently, Bruce never said "No," but rather, "Let's see how we can make that work." Homebuilding is all in the details, and the finishing details in our home were top-notch - really spectacular. Since the completion of our home, we've also been very pleased with the follow-up from Bruce and his team on a few little things that we notice from time to time. We love our new home, and thank Bruce so much for making it possible. "

M & N Newhouse  - Asaawoman Street, Bay View Park, South Bethany

Sugar Hill Road, Sea Del, North Bethany Beach

" We have finally moved into the fabulous home Bruce Mears has built for us. My husband and I started working with Bruce in 2012. The minute we saw other homes Bruce had built in the N. Bethany oceanfront communities, we decided to work with him. The craftsmanship was superb. Bruce and his staff/colleagues are extremely talented, professional, friendly and always there to listen to the client. This professionalism also applies to the sub-contractors that work with him. The workmanship and quality of the homes his firm builds can be compared to any high end home, anywhere on the East or West coast of the U.S., and not just in Delaware. We started designing our house in 2012. Bruce and his team worked alongside our architect, Robert Gurney from the beginning. Once construction started in the Fall of 2013, his team was almost in daily contact with the architect's office to assure that they were building us the quality home we were expecting. We were very involved every step of the way, yet this process seemed quite stress free. His team worked so well with the architect's office that we sometimes did not realize until later, how much work had gone into making every detail meticulous. This has been such a fun project! Working with Bruce and his team was a great experience for us. The quality house he has built for us has in fact exceeded our expectations. "

R & R  - Robert M. Gurney, FAIA, Architect project!!!

" In the late summer of 2006 Gerry and I began to think about modifying our 30 year old house by adding about 400 sq. feet of space for larger bathrooms and bedrooms. In biking around Bethany Beach, I saw you signs on several properties and was taken by the "designer" word and approached you about our interests. Little did I expect at the time that our relationship would result in a much larger endeavor with the demolition of the old house and building a "new work of art". The decision to demolish the old house was absolutely correct. As you know, our son David remarked that at our age we were crazy to undertake the aggravation of a third new house. How wrong he proved to be! Simply stated, Bruce, the journey you took us on was one of the most enjoyable experiences of our life. It was great fun and we've got a house we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. This letter is to thank you and all your associates for the quality of your work and an amazingly open and cordial working relationship. After the initial discomfort of moving from expansion to rebuilding, we really enjoyed the interaction with you on the design phase. You were extremely responsive, clearly understood our objectives and designed some great features which we could not have conceived. From that point on, everything proceeded amazingly rapidly and without problems-at least that we ever knew about. The courteous interchanges and responsiveness was much better than we could have hoped. The communication among you and your staff was phenomenal. I'm not aware of any piece having fallen through the crack. Bill was always attentive and responsive and Rob as superintendent was marvelous in every step of the building process. Even Dave volunteered to assist even though this wasn't his bag and Kim was always pleasant and helpful. And, of course, your group of carpenters were craftsmen. A special thanks must go to Forrest for his design and skill in the built-ins. We must also commend you for the quality of the sub-contractors who were competent craftsmen and a great pleasure to work with: Don Newson at Cabinets Unlimited, H.K. and Theresa at Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper, Brice Butler at Bethany Plumbing and Mark West of West Master Electrician. What a great bunch of talented and friendly people! The whole experience can be sum up by commenting that during the entire 7 month of our relationship, I can think of no problem, disagreement, or misunderstanding. That's really amazing! It was very enjoyable for us and the house is marvelous. Thanks, Gerry and Al Zuck "

Jerry & Al Zuck  - 612 Juniper Court, Bethany West, Bethany Beach, DE

Making Our Memories

" Bruce Mears and his colleagues provided an outstanding building experience. Bruce took the time to get to know us and to understand our own personal vision for our home and how it would fit our family. He was respectful of our budget while striving to move our dreams toward reality. The process of creating our home together was not only positive and efficient; it was loads of fun! Bruce made us feel like partners in the process, although he was clearly the person with the expertise. He truly cared about us and our home. The level of quality of our home has surprised and impressed our siblings who are architects. If we had to do it all over again, we would absolutely still choose to build with Bruce Mears! "

Zan & Jim  - 317 Oakwood Street, Bethany Beach, DE

Blue Water House

" Bruce is not only the best at what he does, but he is a man with integrity, has utmost professionalism, is good hearted, and just an all around great guy!! We highly recommend him!! Please check him out! "

Rick Quil  - Lewes, DE

" Being in business myself I realize the importance of taking care of your customers. And Bruce does just that with quality work and craftmanship, good value and service after the build. I know this because Bruce built not only one home for me but two. I can safely say Bruce would be a smart choice for building your new home. And as Bruce says, " Who better to build your home then the person who designed it! " "

Al Casapulla  - Salt Pond

" Bruce Means designed and built our beach home in Sussex Shores, North Bethany Beach, Delaware in 2002. The whole process was without flaw and was delivered in 7 months from start of construction. After 13 years, we are still raving about the product! Bruce himself works patiently with each client to create the perfect design. He knows all the parameters of construction requirements, and he is particularly knowledgeable of the special demands for coastal and inland bay homes. Bruce and his company have built hundreds of houses in coastal Delaware and i am just one of many of his very satisfied customers. "

Perry and Carol Psaros  - Dukes Road, Sussex Shores

" Working with Bruce Mears was a wonderful experience from the start to finish. We will always recommend him to other people looking for a designer/builder. He spent many hours listening to our needs, made suggestions, incorporated our ideas and then designed the perfect house for us. Bruce is a creative designer, knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, detail-oriented, flexible, timely and budget-minded. He personally supervised the project to be sure everything was completed as planned. His employees were easy to work with as they reflected his work ethics and values. He is very personable with an easy going manner and those qualities made the entire process fun. From the first time we talked about our dream home to the day we moved in, Bruce was right there with us answering questions and following through on the punch list items. It was clear that he wanted us to be satisfied with the design and the finished home. He exceeded our expectations as a designer and builder; as did the whole process. We consider him a friend and would build with him again. "

Alex and Shae Searl  - Blackpool and Brighten Road, Rehoboth Yacht & Country Club, Rehoboth Beach, DE

" When we bought the lot for a new single-family vacation house in Bethany Beach, DE, we knew we wanted something other than the typical long, narrow beach design, one that would take advantage of its corner location with more frontage than many lots have. We had some ideas about shape and configuration, but none of the skills to realize them. We interviewed several local designers and builders, and we visited many of their products in town. Bruce and Bill Pritchett basically knocked our socks off in several ways. •First, they convinced us that a design-build approach made the most sense. Design mattered greatly, of course, but we had a financial constraint, too. So designing within a cost target was essential. •Second, the houses they had created had features - beautiful, non-conventional exteriors; interesting floor plans; and immaculate finishes - that captured our imaginations. •Third, their approach to the process of getting to our desired result sold us. There was no "my-design-is-right" attitude. Bruce started with ideas that we generated, welcomed them, enhanced them, and walked us through several drafts, even as our own ideas and preferences evolved. The inter-active approach met our needs at every step. For example, we had the luxury of delaying the choice of finish materials, as our family made selections and occasionally changed our minds. •And finally, they are just so NICE. It was a pleasure to work with them at every step. Jim is a developer. He is used to dealing with architects and builders. He has had two experiences in his long career with buildings in which the actual finished product looked even better than the early renderings. This house is one of them. The quality of the product was assured by the on-site managers and craftsmen. They cared, and it shows. We cannot recommend the Bruce Mears Designer-Builder team more highly. "

Jim and Jane Edmondson  - Wellington Parkway and Kent Avenue, Town of Bethany Beach DE

" Just an outstanding builder. Great eye for detail and the ability to picture what things will look like when translated to reality from plans. Bruce has an artists insight when building and the home he built for us is incredibly beautiful. To this day I will be working in my yard and have people driving by stop and tell me how beautiful the home is. Bruce also practices one of the most important characteristics one needs in a home builder "Standing behind his work and making sure the end product is right". Bruce was not the cheapest builder we priced, but you pay for what you get and his end product is a true value. "

Rodney and Diane Mrogan  - Pond Road, Winding Creek, Long Neck, DE

" Bruce designed and built our retirement home in Fenwick Island. Together we designed a home that would suit our growing family of grandchildren and our needs as senior adults. We have weathered several coastal storms since moving here in 2007, and the house has been strong and safe. We highly recommend his work for any sort of home in this coastal area. "

Marla and Mike Mooney  - Pine Road, Keenwick on the Bay, West of Fenwick DE

" Bruce and his team designed and built a home for my family in 2004-2005. It was a start from scratch project. Sherry and I remained in close contact with Bruce and his staff during the entire construction phase. They were easy to work with and always available to answer our questions. In addition to Bruce, we developed a good working relationship with Bill and Rob. We were very pleased with the design of the home, the materials and the workmanship. We interviewed other fine builders in the area before we selected Bruce's firm. but I am very happy that we selected Bruce. We recently sold the home in Bethany Beach because we are heading south. But, it was a great house and we loved it. If I was going to build another house in Bethany Beach, I would call Bruce this afternoon. "

Lowell Davis  - Pondview Drive, Salt Pond, Bethany Beach, DE

" Beyond Excellent! Our experience from design to competion was very professional with absolutely no issues at all. We continue to be very happy with our finished home in Bethany Beach and recommend Bruce Mears Designer Builder whenever possible. Honestly, the client will get the best build for the most reasonable expence as the design is already included in the costs. Also, the years of experience that Bruce brings to each project is invaluable. The comitment to excellence is priceless! "

T A Management LLC  - Bethany Beach DE

Interior Designer

" Working with Bruce Mears on a Bayfront home in Bethany Beach for the last 6 months has been the smoothest job I have ever been on. As a designer, sometimes the builder feels threatened by designers coming in and making alterations for aesthetic reasons. Bruce is a champion at brainstorming and welcomes all ideas, from the home owner and other professionals. Bruce not only designed the house and built it, he is there to make sure everything is taken care of every step of the way. He has superior tradesmen who really take pride in their work. I have been on the job site since the foundation was poured and the framing went up. I was truly impressed with the insulation package. It looked so pretty, it was almost a shame to close in the walls! He also has a great relationship with Marvin Windows. He installed a custom 4 panel sliding door set on this job, that they are going to carry in their line. Good design is good design! Bruce is admired in the industry even by the manufacturers and co workers. I am looking forward to working with Bruce again. We make a great team! Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID "

Gina Fitzsimmons ASID NKBA  - Assawoman Street Project, Bayview Park. South Bethany DE

" I provided Bruce Mears plans I had drawn for an estimate. He made design changes all of which kept my basic ideas. These modifications greatly improved the efficient use of space, cost reduction and overall look of the house. During the construction , his company was very courteous, efficient and a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. There were some modifications during this phase which were taken professionally in stride and reasonable in cost. From the time of possession, there were very few adjustments necessary to our home. Even to this day, 15 years later, he is still very available. If I were to build this approximate 5,000 square foot home again, I wouldn't change a thing. I would also use and highly recommend Bruce Mears, Designer /Builder. "

Dr. Bill Donaldson  - Pine Road, Keenwick on the Bay, West of Fenwick, DE

Bethany Breeze

" Standing on our open lot we wondered how we could possibly get the beach house we envisioned, it would take a creative design and skilled builder - we got both. Right from the start Bruce Mears our designer builder was open to the challenge and gave us a design of our dreams. He managed to include all of our wish list items and then some. Bruce and his supporting cast are always willing to listen to us and implement our ideas. It has been an amazing ride from conversation to completion as the finishing touches are being done on our beach home. It is so exciting to start enjoying our dream house at the beach for us, our family and generations to come. Thank you Bruce for your passion, friendship and desire to always deliver the highest standards in your work. - Maria Madigan "

Maria Madigan  - Hollywood Street, Town of Bethany Beach DE

" Bruce Mears helped us design our home and then he built it. We could not be happier with the result or the way in which he handled it. We can't say enough about his ability, honesty and workmanship! We highly recommend him to others without qualification. "

Ellias Farrah  - River Birch Drive, Keenwick on the Bay, West of Fenwick DE

Onwer, Atlantic Millwork

" Bruce Mears is a highly awarded Designer/Builder who makes custom homes at the beach with beautiful designs that are both original and functional. His professionalism, dedication to perfection, attention to detail, and creativity are second to none. We at Atlantic Millwork have worked with Bruce since we opened in 1991. I look forward to working with Bruce on premier custom homes across Delmarva for many years to come. "

Mark Woodruff  - 17527 Nassau Commons Blvd, Lewes, DE 19958

" This review is to outline our outstanding relationship with Bruce Mears and his company. We (two families that share the house) started with a builder in Ocean City, MD and soon became dissatisfied. His design incorporated some of the features we had requested, but fell way short of meeting our needs. That builder wanted to charge us additional just to re-design what we had initially requested. We had surveyed several local realtors and they directed us to the Bruce Mears Company. What a refreshing change! We met with Bruce and one could tell immediately that Bruce took great pride in his firm's ability to have well satisfied clients. I wouldn't say that we were "demanding" customers, but we were fussy and with two families involved, it had to have been more difficult to deal with us. Bruce and his folks were patient, attentive and responded precisely to all of our issues. In some respects, it was probably more difficult to take the incomplete design from the original builder and modify it to the design we wanted. Bruce personally did all the work and the end result was a super design. There were obstacles and hurdles and he took them all in stride. the re-structured design met all of our expectations. Our house is now 9 years old and is as solid and good looking as the day it was completed. Bruce Mears was involved at every stage of construction and has stayed with us over the years. His guys and Bruce have always made themselves available to us and have been extremely responsive. Best move we ever made was going with Bruce Mears. It is a business relationship, but Bruce is now a friend and can be relied on. It's a pleasure to write this review because good people that do good work should be recognized and rewarded. "

Allen Davey  - Anchorage Drive, Town of South Bethany, DE

" I have know Bruce since 2010 when my family hired Bruce and his team to design and build our dream home in Bethany Beach. I can't say enough good things about Bruce. He and his team are the consummate professionals: detailed oriented, communicative, creative, trustworthy and easy to work with. Our project included tearing down an old cottage and creating/executing a design of a new home/construction. The project was a big under taking but due to Bruce's in depth knowledge of the Delaware beach market coupled with his years of experience designing beautiful homes, I never felt overwhelmed. I am pleased to say that I consider Bruce a trusted professional and friend. "

Barbara Donovan  - Collins Street Bethany West, Bethany Beach, DE

" Bruce Mears Designer/Builder has done many renovations for my two homes over 35 years. He has never let me down, even after many years if I need something to be fixed or adjusted. Once during a major renovation I vacationed in Arizona for 3 months trusting him entirely. He sent me many pictures as the job progressed. I would not hesitate to use him again. "

Bob Paoli  - Sandpiper Lane, Bayberry Dunes, North Bethany DE

Bay View Park

" Bruce used a collaborative approach to build our dream home in Bethany Beach. Initially, spending endless hours perfecting each detail to make sure our visions were transformed into a brilliant design. For example, we requested a minimally obstructed view of the bay; Bruce delivered a 50 foot plus expanse with only 3 visible supports on the pool level. On the upper two levels, with few visible supports, the decks seem to float. We expressed our desire for ample natural light. Now, even on the darkest days, you can walk around the entire house without needing to turn on a light. Incredibly, windows are on two sides of every room, and each room has a direct view of the bay. Although we are in a development of many homes, we have maximum privacy inside, it's as though you are the lone home on the water.
Bruce's subcontractors treated our project as if they were building their own homes, making suggestions, and improvements throughout the construction process. Everyone took immense pride in their work and it is on display in the craftsmanship details. Simply put Bruce delivered our dream, we highly recommend Bruce Mears Design Build, the premier builder in Bethany Beach. "

Anonymous  - 39907 Assawoman